Missing these views.

Though I got back into town and immediately had to jump back into work so now it feels like it was a dream. Also feeling the same frustrating fear of sharing anything online. Still struggling to get over this mental block I have.

My family is traveling in Korea and a week or so ago I decided I should get the cheapest ticket to Vegas that I could find, rent a car, and drive around southern Utah for several days. I really needed that.

Another large one I finished up recently. A new line array. Also did that huge video wall last year. It’s satisfying work but it does chew up a lot of hours and mental energy.

Messy job site this week.

Job note scribbles for speaker telemetry and wiring. Been carrying this Plotter notebook for a few months now and have really enjoyed it. The Studio Neat pen has also been a dependable sidekick.

Playing some records out in Durham tonight. Been looking forward to this one.

I could teach a whole class on the art of gaff tape.

My love for this soda came from my trip to India. Lime soda with a sort of mellow other flavor that turns it into something of its own. It reminds me of fresh made lime sodas I had there labeled on the menu as “lime squash” if I remember correctly.

Loving this, music taken from an upcoming full length album. There is an Aphex Twin cover that surprised me here and I fell for it straight away. Think modern, minimal, meditative chamber music.

Oh! So this bone folder is actually doing a better job than I thought it would with these somewhat thick zine spines. I had been using clamps to pressure them into staying shut as well as they could, but this saves quite a bit of time.

Maybe this time I’ll finish this project. It’s only been “almost done” for something like three years now. I love the DIY parts of it but in the end it’s probably what tripped me up the most.

My EDC has been a little nuts lately. Easy to carry maybe too much along when it’s jacket weather.

I digress. I forget I don’t have to break up posts here, I can just keep on writing, next time maybe. This is just the kind of off the cuff, spur of a moment thought I have wanted to find a home for and sometimes start a conversation around as I think through something.

So I often lean on macro perspectives to help guide her on her way. Even if we don’t agree with someone it’s important to understand why they may behave the way they do or believe what they believe. We all have different stories and connections and beliefs that make us unique, be it good or bad.

Needless to say, on a daily basis I find myself answering questions that she asks me in her effort to understand the chaos of the world and it’s exciting and terrifying to even try sometimes and there are often days I feel like I don’t give her the answers her questions deserve.

I feel like I have to share things like this sometimes. I have a near 7 year old and seeing her try to understand the world and it’s people and their troubles is such a heavy weight, more than any simple golden rule or Mr. Rodgers episode could ever encapsulate.

Everyone has the potential for greatness, kindness, love. Be understanding. You just have to look beyond your own two eyes to see it sometimes. Always look beyond your own perspective. Everyone has a story longer and more nuanced than we can ever know.

For years I have been thinking of making a short form (15-30min) podcast of ambient music and field recordings. I dont get to travel as much as I used to so I have considered sourcing field recording from listener submisions. Thinking this platform would be perfect for it.

Looking Back

This platform feels like a blog, its comment section, and an RSS reader wrapped up into a semi-social network. It’s a refreshing approach. Anyone else remember when networking between like minded web pages was done with tiny gif graphics?

Different communities would share links to each others pages using these tags. I have fond memories of scrolling through pages full of them, checking out different sites and blogs. They were all driven by clever design and creativity as a means to drive traffic and we all had a sense of community through sharing.

There was a standard size for the gifs so they always lined up in a tidy way on everyones link pages. They are comically small now on modern pixel dense displays. I managed to find mine nearly lost among the ether. Back in the day hosting was so limited that in order to share you also had to supply a link to the image and use your own bandwidth by hosting the gif yourself, its why so many ended up breaking over time as webpages closed up.


I also found this snapshot of one of my earliest web page designs, back when it was just hard coded with HTML Ive been sharing photos and designs as wallpaper online since forever; this version of my old site was from 2002! I still keep the last version of twistedsun.net up online for prosperity. Good times.

Feeling as if quiet spaces are harder and harder to find. Both online and off. I’m starting to discover that with the right approach, life online can be as quiet as we choose to make it. Its taken me far too long to realize this.

Some days it feels good when work isn’t a large festival or high profile anything. It’s nice to have jobs as simple as digging up and replacing old in ground area speakers at a park. No stress just digging and simple wiring. I’ll take it.

Distant memories from my childhood jumped into focus when I visited this little general store in the NC mountains. A glass bottle soda and a fried apple hand pie sealed the deal. Happy to have the blue ridge parkway and so much to explore within reasonable distance.

Sort of deciding how casually to use this space and I’m inclined to say very. I feel like I need a place that’s low pressure. No one’s even here yet. So, that said, I love these chips, one of my fav snacks to pickup at our local Asian market.